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Reflective Ink by One Stroke Inks

One Stroke Inks has formulated a new reflective ink for screen printing safety prints. The EZ Print Reflecto is a plastisol-based ink with the unique ability to reflect once a light source is aimed at the print. Popular uses for this new ink includes police departments, fire departments, E.M.S., waste management, and construction crews. The EZ Print Reflecto may create a profitable niche market for screen printers with manual or automatic equipment.

Direct Printing Reflectives

The EZ Print Reflecto will direct screen print on 100% cotton and 50/50 blend T-shirts or sweats. This is a one-part ink capable of screen printing through mesh counts such as 86 and 110 monofilament. The excellent flow of this reflective ink is a far stretch from older inks that had difficulty passing through 86 mesh count. Even with automatic equipment, you will be able to print hundreds of shirts without cleaning screens or unclogging mesh openings. learn more

Reflective Hot Split Transfers

Making this ink more unique is its ability to direct print and hot split transfer. By using the EZ Print Reflecto as a hot split transfer, you give yourself the ability to create safety prints on 100% nylon as well as the standard T-shirts and sweats. Simply screen print your hot split transfer on uncoated transfer paper (or the uncoated side of cold peel transfer paper) and heat press as if it were any other ink. Do not use a release paper or hot peel paper as it will not reflect very well. learn more

EZ Print Reflecto Specifications

The EZ Print Reflecto is available in many standard, metallic, and fluorescent colors. The metallic colors will cover light, medium and dark colors when direct printing or transferring. The standard and fluorescent colors are designed strictly for direct printing white or light colored garments. Due to the translucent nature of these colors, it is best not to hot split transfer them. Click the following link to read specifics of the EZ Print Reflecto. learn more

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